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Caprico Insurance is a national Insurance company that offers a full range of health coverage and policy management solutions.We are always growing and expanding.

  • International Insurance 

 Partnered with Geo Global and Cigna Global offering plans for travelers, clients who are living aboard, and family members  who come visit family here.

  • Supplemental Insurance     

We provide Health, Life and supplemental benefit insurance programs for individuals and groups. We offer multiple options to our clients according to their needs and budgets, protecting their families and there employees.

  • Corporate and Business Insurance    

We assist our individual clients on their renewal of coverage every year and always adding new clients. Portfolio of groups range from Restaurants to Corporations.

Never losing our personal touch and being there for our clients.

We are License agents with Florida Blue

Health and wellness can sometimes be overwhelming. My team will help you to make the right choices that you can use for everyday for a better path with your Health Insurance and Wellness.

The more you know more you save.


If you qualify for Medicare Part A and B, ,you can get Medicare advantage.
Medicare Advantages includes all the benifits of Part A and B like

Medicare Supplements or Medigap Insurance.

Provide coverage for many of the copays and some of the co-insurance related to Medicare.

This supplement covers hospital gaps, skilled nursing facility, home health care, Ambulance, durable medical equipment and doctor charges

We can help you to select the best supplement for you specific needs.

If you are looking to save taxes, stop turnover in personal and cut down on Worker compensation. The same time show your employees you care for them Group Health Insurance for your company can achieve all that.
There is no open enrollment period you can take insurance at anytime. We use a variety of providers such as Florida Blue, Humana, United Health Care, AvMed and Aetna. We will do a comparison of all carriers to best fit your company needs for the employees and their families. We will walk you thru the process with all necessary paper work. Attached is a link to a census report. All we need to the names of the employees and family members date of birth and zip codes and we can run a quote for you. There is no charge for this service and no processing fees also. We will come in and educate your employees on there coverage and how it works. There will have access to us for any question at any time needed.

Cigna Global plan is an International Insurance Health Plan to cover you 100 of benefits worldwide is a great plan designed for international travelers and students, travel executives and people who want the freedom of coverage all around the world. Great option for people with dual citizen passport who haves multiple countries locations.

Doctors save lives, We save lifestyles.

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