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If you are looking to save taxes, stop turnover in personal and cut down on Worker compensation. The same time show your employees you care for them Group Health Insurance for your company can achieve all that. There is no open enrollment period you can take insurance at anytime. We use a variety of providers such as Florida Blue, Humana, United Health Care, AvMed and Aetna. We will do a comparison of all carriers to best fit your company needs for the employees and their families. 

We will walk you thru the process with all necessary paper work.

 Attached is a link to a census report. All we need to the names of the employees and family members date of birth and zip codes and we can run a quote for you. There is no charge for this service and no processing fees also. We will come in and educate your employees on there coverage and how it works. There will have access to us for any question at any time needed.

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